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Funny faces

Trying something new with Paper on my iPad.  If you’re an artist, have an iPad and don’t have Paper, get it!  You won’t regret it.

My problem is I so many other apps I always forget I do have it.  But it’s a great app to use and I thought I’d used to practice making stylized faces.  I don’t do faces to well but practice make perfect or kind of goofy in my case.

Now I need to go sit in a mall somewhere to get some better reference.

I’ll add more to the gallery as I make more.

Sketch Thursday

Yes I like to draw spaceships. I’m trying to get back into the habit of drawing more and more. On Thursdays now the other artists I work with have decided to take up sketching at lunch. Two of my favorite things food and drawing! So at least once a week I’ll post more drawings. Hope you like them and as always comments welcome.