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Moving Art

Shouldn’t most art move you?

The other day sitting at the tracks waiting for the train to pass. My wife and I really enjoyed the art show that was flying by at 20 miles an hour.

This particular train had nearly every other car tagged with some kind of graffiti art. Some of the art seemed intentional while others were clearly graffiti. What I really enjoyed was was the difference in the cars and waiting to see what came next. I also noticed I didn’t mind waiting for the train. I was more entertained by is passing train cars than just being annoyed that I had to stop.


Could this be a new form of an art show hitting the road? Brands are buying ad placement on trucks, trains and planes, by skinning images and text over the whole vehicle. This could be a great way to get more artists working while helping to make industrial containers more visually appealing. Hey, maybe if the cars are placed in the right order a story could be told.  Plus the entertainment level had some value for me even if it only serves the railroad company by giving me that moment to stop and smell the roses.


Simple, Clean and Easy

I found this motion graphics project other day looking through a bunch of old files I can’t believe I’ve never posted it anywhere besides the Ning group we had started.

Simple, Clean and Easy. Sometimes I think we as designers can get caught up in making something look really cool when sometimes simple would be much better. I animated this logo for a group we had started in Chicago. Fausto Fernós designed it and I was really impressed by it simplicity yet it had a lot of potential to do something creative with it. It would be easy to go overboard and go all 3D on it but that would have been overkill.

To me the logo design represented all the points we were trying to make with our new media group. Blogging, Video, Twitter you know all the new media stuff. So once I saw the logo Fausto had designed the above idea just popped in my head of how we should use this graphic in video.

Logo Design: Fausto Fernós, Find him @ Feast of Fun

iQuarters my first app

My first app, nope not the first one I purchased the first one I worked on!  My iPod Touch is so full of apps I’m out of pages so I have to delete something so I can get the cool icon I made to show up!

Take a look at the demo below and if you have 2 bucks to spare please download it.  I designed the UI (user interface) for you none nerds out there.  I’ll write more about that in a later post, I just wanted to make a quick post because I’m proud of the game and the people I work with to create it.  It’s great to work at Incredible Technologies because we’re always looking for new ways to make games and media.

Anyway have fun playing the game and let me know what you think. You can find out more about what we do here and here.

This is where you can learn more or download iQuarters