Tools of the my trade


I still have film camers. From Super 8 to 35mm.  I loved using film but I don’t miss waiting for images to come back from the lab.

My cameras have evovled over time.  I enjoy using my DSLR but a good pocket camera is something you can carry with you anywhere.

Now, like everyone I truly enjoy using my phone camera.  Just for the simple idea that I can edit, change and share my photos right from the phone.


Have an eye

I never know what might catch my eye.  It might be a small detail, shapes, lighting, color or messages left by someone.

found objects

words – letters – numbers

color – black & white


Wider is better

What’s more fun is to see how wide you can go with a series of images.  Even an normal location takes on a new majestic look.


vertical panoramic

Taller is even better

Sometime the visual story goes up.  No matter what camera I one me.  When I see the opportunity to go up I do.  I’ll either used the build in app or higher end tools like Photoshop to bring all the pieces together.


Pocket cameras and cell phones

Those pocket cameras really do have great macro lenses that are fast focus.  So get in there and get a cool shot.  But also look around.  Even on a walk you might miss some amazing things that is worth recording and sharing.

Here’s some of my favorite shots.  Taken with pocket cameras, cell phones and my Canon 7D.

For your walls

Coming soon. You’ll be able to order my photos for your walls and other fun products.