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Oi loa la `ula, Wider is Better.

I’ve been talking about my Zi8 a lot lately that’s just because I like the camera so much and I like thinking up ways to do fun stuff with it. This post is about tricking out your video camera with a wide angle lens! You can gets this nice little lens kit from Amazon or some other places if you Google Magnetic Lens Kits.  Below is the final product and how I attached it to the camera. Plus there are 2 video clips so you can see how much of a difference it makes.

Be sure and get the large rings if you order them separately most Lens kits come with the right size that matches the lens.

Remove the adhesive backing on the ring and attach it to the camera like I did here. Center it around the lens area. It fits right around the lens extrusion.

One extra trick, I took one of the extra rings and cut off about a lower one 1/3 of it and placed it on the bottom of the ring.  There is a slight angle on the camera body surface and that extra little piece at the bottom really helps to level it out.


Check out the video with and with out the wide angle adapter.  You should also be able to find a telephoto adapter as well.  But I think wide is best.  This will come in handy when you are the only camera person and the talent. It just gives you that extra little headroom or leadroom that you might need with out the normal cramped feeling you get when you’re shooting at arm length.

This is shot from the Zi8, half way through I add a 0.45 Wide Lens adapter. It’s magnetic so it just snaps right on.

This was shot at arms length, see how much more room you have if you want to do an intro or any kind of stand up for a video you’re working on and none of your goofy friends will help you out.

I’m sure I’ll have a few more tricks for modding out your Zi8 soon. Please Kodak make it so I can edit right on my Zi8 or how about an Audio only mode since I have a mic input, or just ask me what features I’d like to see in your Zi10.

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