Hello Lombard

I created a short doc series called Hello Lombard. I started mainly because I wanted to try out a documentary style of filmmaking. As you’ve seen with my site most of the content I create is visual effects or computer animations. I’ve done a few projects like this for marketing videos but I wanted to see I could tell a story and make something a little different than a regular commercial.

The thing I learned about this project is I can make a story out nothing. I had no idea what I was going to get going into this. I just went in with 5 questions as we talked it turned into 20. But I got to find out a little more about the business and the people who run them.

All the video were shot on miniDV and edited with Adobe Premiere, with some color correction in After Effects. Each video was shot in two stages. I’d go in do the main interview, then I’d go back for the b-roll, after I cut the interview down into a nice little narrative. That way I’d have a better idea of what kind of shots I might need to pick up. Now a days I can do that in the same visit.

I loved living in Lombard, IL and I really want to see something nice happen in our downtown. I was really surprised when the Village President to comment on my blog! That really made my day and I did get a chance to finally meet him.