Road Kill

I made this in 2006. I’ve been kicking the idea around since film school. Not really knowing how I was going to do it. Well now that I do computer graphics and I have friends that do computer graphics too. They all pitched in to help me out. The biggest help was Shane Duncan you can find out more about him here. He helped me create the one major effect at the end of the movie. Yup you have to watch the whole thing to see it, but it’s only 4 minutes. What else do you have to do?

Road Kill from Sean McMenemy on Vimeo.

Writer/Director/ Editor
Sean McMenemy

Director of Photography
Sean McMenemy

John F. Kelly

Producer/Assistant Director
Kathee Szak

Producer/Assistant Cameraman
Shane Duncan

CG Effects
Sean McMenemy and Shane Duncan

Creature Effects
Shane Duncan

Sound Designer
Matt Kern

Music by
Freeway Willie Ross
John F. Kelly and Dave Casso

Production Assistant
Stephan Duncan

Shot on location in Michigan and Illinois

Special Thanks To:
Tammy L McMenemy
Patricia Duncan

Location Provided by:
Colin and Elaine Duncan