I like making films, well videos now.   I don’t really use film any more but, sometimes I really want to break out my Super8 camera and just run around and make a fun chase movie.  I found a great place to get some Super8 stock so I’m sure I’ll be playing around with that very soon.

I have several project here you can see ranging from college films shot on super8, called “A Remembrance” and my 16mm project called “Perpetuation” to one of my latest… well 2005 called “Road Kill”.  I’ve also have some 2D animation projects form my college years too.

I have a some new projects in the works and my Hello Lombard project went live in January 2008!  I wanted to try my hand at making some documentary videos mainly because I’ve been shooting video for podcasts and I felt this was the next step.  It’s been fun so far and I’m getting to make new friends in my town what more could you ask for?