January 1st I helped launch Midwest Media Now! This is a project I’ve been talking with my friends for a while now.   I’d drive them nuts talking about this stuff and to get me off their back, they’d tell me I should start my own show…

So I did!

It’s taken me about 2 years to get a handle on it myself.  The good news is a lot of people are trying to make something of this.  The even better news is everyone well most everyone is still trying to figure this out.  So there is still time to get in and make something happen.

Is this a race? YES! But I think it’s one everyone (content creators) of all types might win out on.

What’s the show about?

You can hear me and others talk about the state of new media in the Midwest, ideas behind new media and Internet distribution. But that’s not the only thing we’ll be talking about.

The show will also be full of tips and tricks things we’ve learned and things our guests have learned while making content for the Internet. We’ll find out what kind gear they use, the computers, software and how they put it together on a shoe string budget.

Are people making money with this yet and where do we see it going.  Even though the theme of the show is the Midwest, there are projects being created around the world that are great examples of what can be done with an idea and some hard work.

We are just starting this up so things are a little rough right now and I’m not sure how good of a host I’ll be.  I do know I’m deeply interested in the ideas and opportunities the Internet has grown into over the past few years and I just want to talk about it with other like minded people.

So listen to the show and if you want to be a part of the conversation and share your thoughts or the project you’re working on then click here.  Let others know about all the creative hard work that is being done right here in the Midwest.

Sean McMenemy

Sean McMenemy


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