I won’t bother anyone with my nerd explanations of why this commercial doesn’t make sense, but I just have to know…

Can someone please tell me why Mars is the in the background?

Is Woods on Phobos or Deimos?

Yeah I’m a nerd and proud of it. I’d like the Art Director, Commercial Director or the Product Manager to explain why our beautiful blue marble is red. Did they just want to match the drink?

Ok, yeah I will bother you… the audio says “Tranquility”, “The Eagle has Landed” yeah maybe a vague golf reference but both are moon references. Not only that we see the Earth at the beginning…

I guess I’m going to answer my own question… maybe he’s aiming for the Mars because he’s already concurred Earth? At least make him look through a big honkin’ telescope to line up his shot for what should have been a tiny red dot!

I guess they haven’t watched the History Channel!

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