Video GAMES!

Guess what?  I make video games too!

The Inspiration:
During development of LoonyTix, one of the kids tried to tickle the character knowing it was a touch screen and that sparked an idea. We could actually tickle the screen! Created original characters, environments, UI and cabinet design. Created with 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator After Effects and Spine.

This video shows game play in action, UI design and character animation. The more you tickle the more tickle points you get. If you’re really good you might make him explode and win the jackpot!

3d renders

These are all images I created using 3D Studio Max, Animation Master, Alias, and SoftImage. Using Photoshop and After Effects to composite the final graphics.

Concept Art

I’ve been going back to some of my old space designs and doing a little clean up on them and adding some color.  These were all done in Autodesk Sketch but my next sets will be done in Fresco!  Sometimes I like to leave the under drawing in there.  I think it looks kind of cool…


Cut aways

As a kid I loved looking at cutaway drawings.  I wanted to know how things worked but it also showed me how you might live or used the machine.  This is part of a series for my retro style spaceships.  As silly as they are I thought it would be fun to see what’s inside.

What I learned.

  • Where are you cutting through.
  • What to show?
  • Does it make sense?
  • What parts can I reuse?
  • Try to keep the tech the same.

Created with Affinity Designer on an iPad Pro.



Robot doodles

One of my favorite things to doodle, robots.  I enjoy figuring out the their character and purpose.  Some of them are useless but still fun to draw.

These are some of the characters I’m creating for special project I’m creating for Colorbook4Nerdlings.  They will soon be part of a coloring book and game set!

Some of these started off as doodles on paper.  The line clean up was done in Autodesk Sketch and Adobe Fresco.  These will so go to Illustrator so I can really clean up the lines.


Character Design

This is all concept art I’ve created over the years. Here you’ll find cars to creatures, spaceships to landscapes. I’ve been doing a lot more drawing lately and I’ve been turning those drawings into coloring book.

Gingerbread men

This is the storyboard I created to pitch the production company that wanted to produce video for a POP (Point of Purchase) display.  

These images were created with Hash Animation Master.  One of first 3D animation packages I used to create animations for professional use.  I loved using it.  I pitched the concept of the Gingerbread Men building a house. The house design was based on a kit offered by Wilton. (I ate the sample, but not before I scanned the cookie for a nice gingerbread texture map.)

SOFTWARE: Hash Animation Master, Photoshop, After Effects

Cardboard boat


My college days

One of my favorite projects was building a cardboard boat for the Cardboard Boat Regatta.  The camera was just an elaberate caring case but the real boat was the the roll of film in it.  We didn’t win the race but my wife and I paddled around and made it safely back to shore.