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Placesaks – New idea for your paper bag

Turn your paper bag into a placemat, save the extra paper.

I’ve been doing this for a long time with my paper sacks or fast food bags.  I just rip it open and make a placemat for my food.  It works great and it’s easy to roll up and toss what’s left over.  I think if more fast food resturants did this they could save some expenses on paper for placemats plus create a new oppertunity to do something creative with inside of the bag.

Once you open it up there could be coupons, ads and games.  At least now your food is only covering it up. Maybe reveal a story as you eat? The other way the bag is covering up your placemat, marketing opportunity lost along with more to throw away.

(If you’re a paper bag manufacture and would like to license this idea,  contact me at this email address. other wise I guess you can just take it…)

Phone Concepts

Here are some phone ideas I came up with for a contest a while back.


The Butterfly

The Butterfly opened up well like a butter fly with a seamless screen.  It’s another take on the flip out phone.  designed to stay small in your pocket but almost unfolds to become a mini tablet.


The Flex

With flexible screen this phone becomes a fashion statement.  Just think the screen savers could be any favorite watch or design you like could even match your outfit.  It flexes around your wrist to become a bracelet so you don’t forget the unwraps to become a low profile message system.  With a split graphic keyboard so your hands don’t cover the text area.

These were some designs I did for a contest a while back.  I can’t for the life of me remember how I took those pictures.

Kinect Hacks and Crime Scenes

I think I’m looking at a future tool for Detectives. No this isn’t something new and these hack videos have been around since 2010 but I know when I first saw this video guess what came to mind besides building MODS for game engines? Crime scenes. Yeah crime scenes.

With a little more work this, or something like this could be a very useful tool in recording crime scenes.

Just think once a careful recording walk through is done you could not only your recreate the crime scene. You could then easily layout the geometry of gun fights, mark evidence and leave interactive notes. Even years later after a building might have been destroyed, you could walk through scene again and again combing over evidence that might have once been over looked.

I hope someone is working on this…