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I’ve had my VHS VCR for well about 15 years.  Wait really?  It was great at the time and is still a very nice machine.  But I know I won’t ever use VHS anymore.  Well maybe one more time if I really have too.  I want to make room for something new. 

But I can’t take it out of my system.  It’s the only thing that has a clock on it!

How will I know what time it is, if it’s not there?  Oh wait where’s my cell phone…

What’s so special about tags?

iBiquity and iTunes have figured out a new way for us to buy music over HD Radio.  Personally I don’t know why they couldn’t have done this 5 years ago. 

But now that’s it’s here why can’t the music industry figure out a way to embed the lyrics and liner notes in that file too?  I don’t care about the packaging any more.  All I want is the info to match what I’m listening too. 

The generation is coming that won’t even care about the album art.  I lost interest in that when I switch from LP’s to CD’s.  Heck the art was so small what was the point?  Now they put it on a 2 inch screen.

Really at this point I just want the lyrics so I can figure out what they are actually singing and not some best guess because I’m to old to know what all the kids are saying these days.

Seinfeld must have a TIVO

Jerry Seinfeld was on the season premiere of “30Rock“, great show by the way.  “MUST SEE TV” is back!  The story goes, NBC was going to take his old show and digitally put Jerry in their new shows.  He was not happy about this.  They asked him which show he would like to be on.  He said,  “LOST, is that one of yours?”

Okay, I’m about to read way too much into this but what I think is funny about his response is not only is it not an NBC show but it’s ABCs.  I want to pretend that he uses TIVO or downloads shows from iTunes… 

What does this mean?  It means it didn’t matter where the show came from or the network.  All that mattered was he heard about the show and it was available and Seinfeld watched it.

This is the future of media.

Are we already watching podcasts?

I think we are already use to the idea, we just didn’t realize it. 

Most good video podcasts last 3 to 7 minutes.  Then the next day or week you get another.  After all how many commercial breaks are there in an hour show?  About 5 or 6 and each show segment is already about 3 to 7 minutes (depending on how popular a show is and where they want to put a cliff-hanger.  Then there might be more breaks.)

But here’s the great thing about podcast and each episode only lasting say 5 minutes.  I could watch 5 or 6 different podcasts and get much more information and entertainment in less time.  Now if they will just make commercials relevant to my needs then advertising would be useful to me and to the advertiser.

When shows aren’t trying to fill an hour or umm 45 minutes because of the commericals.  They put more concise information in the show whether it’s plot or DIY information.  I’m finding myself more bored when a character walks endlessly down a hall, around corner, down stairs, down another hall, just to bump into a cat; I hit the fast forward button.  Oh yeah I feel the same way about DVD menus!  I’ll save that for later.

I know I’ve made this error in my own films, I won’t anymore or I’ll try not too. 

Amazon! No Bob Seger?

Come on Amazon!  No Bob Seger ready for downloading?  I realize I’m over the hill but I don’t want to buy another CD.   There’s no reason it shouldn’t be there.

Maybe Bob Seger isn’t ready to be rediscovered by a new generation, or he doesn’t want the money, or they are still fighting over some rights…

Here’s and idea.  While you are fighting about who gets what, let all the money go into a trust or Amazon gift certificates.  Then maybe when you are done you’ll wonder why you were fighting while you’re walking to the bank.

Well, now I got to go find some old friends that might have some Bob Seger CD’s so I can rip them…

Don’t worry I’ll wait a little longer it’s bound to show up sometime.

Now why can’t the music industry can’t figure why people pirate?

I saw Bionic Woman FIRST!

Yeah and guess what?  It was good!  Check it out right now… Bionic Woman

NBC made some of their of new shows available for download right to my TIVO for free!  Smart move I’m already talking about them!

This concept is right on.  I really don’t even care if they have commercials in them.  I just want the commericals to be relevant to me.  Amazon already knows what I want, why can’t the networks?

Here’s the idea NBC, send me the shows right to my TIVO with commercials for things I like, like; zombies, robots, spaceships, time travel, anything future related did I mention robots?  I also like to shop at Target

Now just think if NBC could pick commericals for products I like and insert a few of those into the normal breaks.  Then I wouldn’t get ads for men who have ED or female problems maybe another MAC add.  (sorry, you can’t convert a PC user if you are always making fun of them… just so you know…)

The chances of me watching and buying go up!  Way up!  Really how hard could this be?  It’s the future of TV.

Now the Bionic Woman’s tag line should be,  “Some HEROES aren’t born… They’re made”