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Yes I want this

Wacom just saved me a LOT of money… For $199 I’M IN! Now I don’t feel the need to buy an iPad or a tablet PC. I much prefer the feel of paper and pencil or pen when I’m sketching. I guess that’s just part of the old school I’m just not going to kick. Plus it looks like it will fit right in to my pen bag. I also like that it’s compatible with CS3 which means no major upgrades. Looking forward to playing with vector versions of my sketches!

If you need a tester Wacom just drop me a line.

Find out about the Inkling here.

Thanks Adam for sharing this!

New sketch tool sorta…

It is GREAT! Okay but it’s NOT new it’s so 2010! Harmony web app for sketching is a very fast and easy tool to use for scribbling down some ideas. For me it’s great for organic objects, creatures, plants and landscapes. Mechanical stuff not so much but I’m sure that’s just me. The images below were created in minutes I mean like 5 or less. You don’t need much time when using this tool. This is great for testing a concept or whipping out a ton of ideas in minutes. Shapes, silhouettes and value studies anything like that that needs more speed than thinking.

Someone pointed this site out to me a year ago and I tried it out for a little bit and I put it aside but not now. I’m sketching a lot more lately so this is a good tool to have around.

So I’m going to start leaving a tab open for this and when I’m rendering or thinking about tweeting maybe I’ll just do a sketch instead.

Thanks Mr.Doob (on Twitter) for creating such a quick and fun tool to sketch with.

Porch time


This was a neat treat while in Key West I spent a few minutes sitting on Ernest Hemingway’s porch and sketching in my Moleskine. Which if you know the lore or read the history that comes with every Moleskine you’ll know why this might be an interesting experience.

On this trip I trying to sketch a little more than I normally do.


It was a nice day in Florida to draw.


Carpet Samples

I recently had new carpet installed and I had a few samples left over. I just happen to leave one on my desk so I sat my camera on it.  So I kept it. 


Seemed like a soft place to put my camera and admire it while I was twittering… SIDE NOTE: That’s not the carpet I went with.