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Interest in Pinterest

If you’re creative you’ll love using Pinterest, if you’re not you’ll love using Pinterest because it will make you feel creative.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pinterest by now if not just ask your web crawling nerd friends they’ll tell you all about it.

1 minute into using Pinterest

1 minute into using Pinterest and seeing shots from all around the world I was was drawn into the beautiful photography.  I look at a lot of stock photo sites and Flickr.  But some of these images are just stunning, for some reason I’ve never seen anything like these photos.  These photos are not just images of great looking places but products, and DYI projects I’ve never seen before.

Okay I’m off track, that will happen a LOT when you start using Pinterest.

1 minute into using Pinterest I was mesmerized by the amazing photography of far away places. Then I saw this thing that I thought I could do that.  I have one of those things if I just get a some paint and glue I could…  sorry

1 minute into using Pinterest I was mesmerized by the amazing photography of far away places.  I kept thinking I want to go to there and there and there….


Then I thought this would make a GREAT travel website!  Here’s how it would work.

  1. Pick the PICs of far away places.
  2. CLICK the Buy Button
  3. GO!

The website does the rest.

Other possible features:

  • Running Total ( but that might scare people )
  • Distance You’ll Travel Meter
  • How many stamps you’ll get on your passport
  • Path Designer so you can see where your trek will take you.
  • Comfort Level Meter, in case you’re a timid person and don’t want to go to far off the reservation.
  • Bucket List, you know for future trips.

Plane ticket, lodging, passports reminders, tours, mail holding and stopping the Sunday paper. Whatever it takes to get you going to make that an experience of a lifetime the site would just take care of it. It could happen within 3 click or 5 at the worst. Then you go in and noodle it if you really want too. Plus every picture you take while on that trip ends up on Pinterest to sell more trips.

“Behavioral Ad Targeting”

“Veoh wants to move beyond the PC to mobile devices, and is putting a lot of resources behind developing its behavioral ad targeting platform for video.”

You can read the full story from TechCrunch here,

Yeah I want “behavioral ad targeting” and so should you.   Here’s why… 

As a consumer I tired, TIRED of seeing ads that have nothing to do with me.  I never want to see Comcast, female hygiene products, hair-loss pills, or male enhancement drugs.  Why should I?  It’s a waste of time for me it’s a big waste of money for the advertisers.  I do want to see ads that know what I want.  I might not always buy it but I’ve got a greater chance of doing just that.

As a content creator, it would be great to have ads that is relevant to my content or might be relevant to my viewers.  That way it enhances the content and they are less annoyed by commercials breaks.

A few notes:

1. It really does have to be relevant ads.

2. You can’t share my profile with my friends or make it public, (no one cares what I just bought online)

3. The ads have to be different than repurposed commercial breaks.  I just watch something that was 2 minutes long.  The commercials shouldn’t be longer than what I just watched.

This will be a whole new world if they really do it right.  I know people will resist this and think it’s weird or creepy.  But I want to know where to sign up so hey get my commercial feed just right.  I think once people see how much better things will be more people will adopted it. 

Is Woods on Phobos or Deimos?

I won’t bother anyone with my nerd explanations of why this commercial doesn’t make sense, but I just have to know…

Can someone please tell me why Mars is the in the background?

Is Woods on Phobos or Deimos?

Yeah I’m a nerd and proud of it. I’d like the Art Director, Commercial Director or the Product Manager to explain why our beautiful blue marble is red. Did they just want to match the drink?

Ok, yeah I will bother you… the audio says “Tranquility”, “The Eagle has Landed” yeah maybe a vague golf reference but both are moon references. Not only that we see the Earth at the beginning…

I guess I’m going to answer my own question… maybe he’s aiming for the Mars because he’s already concurred Earth? At least make him look through a big honkin’ telescope to line up his shot for what should have been a tiny red dot!

I guess they haven’t watched the History Channel!

True Fans ECHO!

If you’re a filmmaker, artist, musician photographer or content creator of any kind you should read this post by Kevin Kelly. It’s a short version of The Long Tail and puts it into simple easy to understand artist terms. I’m not saying it’s easy. Look at my counter 5. I know one of them is me, just to make sure it works…

But it’s a start, and for me it’s more fun to come up with ideas and get them out there. I should have started this 5 years ago when but I guess I was watching too much TV.

For me posts like this and “The Long Tail” have made me think differently about what I’m trying to get out there and who I’m trying to get it too.

The tools that are out there now can make all this very simple and it’s getting better every day. There is a little bit of a ramp up but the waves are starting to settle for me. I’ll be posting my work, and projects I’m working on and my silly observations. Soon I’ll post my list of the basics. Like web host, web OS, various online accounts that are a must or for what I’m doing they are a must. But for now READUP! Oh yeah and create something?

Send me a link to something you made! I want to see and talk about it!

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More

Hello Lombard!

Well it’s time to start talking about one of my new projects. With a lot of my latest influences like podcasting and filmmaking, which has always been there. I decided I wanted to be more prolific and start making lots of videos. I just feel like I needed to get back to my storytelling roots.

After looking around a bit, I realized the stories were right under my nose. So I decided to start talking about the town I live in, Lombard, IL. I won’t get into it to much here because you can go to Hello Lombard and find out all about it. I’m going to try my hand at doing some documentary videos. Don’t worry; I’m still going to make videos with visual effects in them. The problem is they take so long to produce, their fun but it takes a while.

Hope you like my new channel!