“Veoh wants to move beyond the PC to mobile devices, and is putting a lot of resources behind developing its behavioral ad targeting platform for video.”

You can read the full story from TechCrunch here,

Yeah I want “behavioral ad targeting” and so should you.   Here’s why… 

As a consumer I tired, TIRED of seeing ads that have nothing to do with me.  I never want to see Comcast, female hygiene products, hair-loss pills, or male enhancement drugs.  Why should I?  It’s a waste of time for me it’s a big waste of money for the advertisers.  I do want to see ads that know what I want.  I might not always buy it but I’ve got a greater chance of doing just that.

As a content creator, it would be great to have ads that is relevant to my content or might be relevant to my viewers.  That way it enhances the content and they are less annoyed by commercials breaks.

A few notes:

1. It really does have to be relevant ads.

2. You can’t share my profile with my friends or make it public, (no one cares what I just bought online)

3. The ads have to be different than repurposed commercial breaks.  I just watch something that was 2 minutes long.  The commercials shouldn’t be longer than what I just watched.

This will be a whole new world if they really do it right.  I know people will resist this and think it’s weird or creepy.  But I want to know where to sign up so hey get my commercial feed just right.  I think once people see how much better things will be more people will adopted it. 

Sean McMenemy

Sean McMenemy


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