Watercolor and markers

I do like creating with watercolors and markers.  I hope to join a local Urban Sketching group in Kansas City someday but in the mean time I tend to take a lot of photos that I put on my iPad and do some painting or marker renderings.  I try to have a sketch or painting bag ready to go when I get out for lunch.


Wider is better

Painted in wide or unsual formats can be a fun way to tell your story in a different way.

house painting

I'll paint your house

Not your real house!  Don’t get any ideas!  I’ll do a painting of your house.  One of these is my grandparents house.  It doesn’t look like this anymore but I have some great memories there.  I lived in Lombard Ill for about 19 years and the church is quite the icon of that town.  The Corner House was my favorite Coffee shop in Lombard.  I tried to spend as much time there as I could.  I never thought I’d be one of those people that hangs out in a coffee shop.  As it turns out I’m exactly that kind of person.  Maybe some day I’ll owe one.

follow my work

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll see me posting some of my works in progress.  I really hope to start streaming videos someday.   Sometimes I’ll pull in these snapshots in to my app like Adobe Illustrator for iPad or Affinity Designer and do vector finals.  It’s always fun to look back at what I drew and go oh yeah I do a clean line drawing of this!

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