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Writing a script try Celtx

I’ve been using Celtix to write scripts for video shorts, for about 6 months now and have to say it’s fantastic! If you’re writing a script for a movie, television and even plays. You should give this a try. I’ve tried out Final Draft and a few other script programs. I will say I only tried them out during their demo period which was very generous but it just didn’t cut the mustard for what I needed.

But what Celtx is really good for is writing scripts for web-fiction and mini series style scripts. It’s great for the whole project and keeping track of many scripts that will make up the many episodes. That was the main thing I wanted.

In the project library you can place all your assets, scripts, character descriptions, location descriptions, props, animals, stunts, effects, the list goes on and on. You can give as much detail about these assets as you want and it’s easy to manage. As you add them and you write about them you are prompted for those assets as you write. I’m sure that’s standard among other script tools.

I’m really only scratching the surface with Celtx and as I get deeper in to the stories I’m working on and the characters I’ll be using the asset generator to keep track of thing and help develop my stories.

One of the best features of Celtx is the ability to collaborate with other writers. I’m already using it that way and they even provide a server for the exchange of the project files.

If you want you can open it up for other people to read and get feedback on. Not sure if I’m ready to do that just yet but as far as sharing with my co-writers it’s great. There can be some issues when exchanging the project files but it’s pretty easy to over come so try saving different file names at first till you see how the different assets are merging.

If you are looking for a loaded script writing software this one is for you. Let me know what you think.

Now does someone has any ideas for getting older typed out screenplays into a digital format that I can dump into this or any text editing program I would appreciate any advice. My original scripts are not in a digital format. Sorry it’s very old school.

Celtx is available in Windows, Linux and OS X. It’s all open source and free! What’s stopping you?

  • Karen Stewart says:

    I am so ecited, I was at DPS when I began talking to the young sitting next to me and I told him I am an author and attempting to write my first screen play. He asked me did I know how to format it? I said not really. He gave me your website. So how do I join celtx?

    November 20, 2008 at 4:56 pm
  • SEANFX says:

    Karen Thanks for coming to the site!

    Just go to and download the software depending on what kind of computer you have. Mac or PC it runs on anything. Once you install it look for the button called Web Services. It’s all the way to the right in the tool bar at the top.

    Once you click that you’re set. It will walk you through setting up a web account. Keep in mind this for sharing it with other writers. I can’t remember but I believe there were options for keeping your screenplay secure or public. Public means other writers and well everyone can read it. So if you don’t want that make sure to make it secure.

    You can always email the project file to a friend that has Celtx if you don’t want to open a web account. The sharing part is great if you are working with someone. If you friends become users you can invite them to see then who ever you invite can edit what you write.

    Hope that helps. Just download it. You’ll love using it! It does all the format thinking for you so all you have to do is be creative.

    November 21, 2008 at 3:46 pm

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