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Are you an artist, writer, director or a content creator of any kind? Then any of these books will change your outlook of how you should be distributing your content. If you are reading blogs subscribe to as many of their blogs as you can.

Seth Godin is a must read can check out his blog. He posts nearly everyday. As you start to read him you really feel like he’s talking to you. He manages to find a way to be relevant about everything. His books are fast reads and funny. The books make you ask tough questions about what you should be focusing on and who you should be listening too. I haven’t read his whole catalog but these are the ones I have and can recommend. Meatball Sunday, The Dip, Permission Marketing, Small is the New Big, Purple Cow and Unleashing the Ideavirus.

Oh and this one if you’re a web designer you have to read Big Red Fez. As I read it I was worried my site would be on the next page. I can also highly recommend these books too. “Made to Stick“, Mind Your X’s and Y’s and The Tipping Point.

A lot of the examples center around music and building an audience but really it’s no different than a good customer or a fan base of any kind. The possibility’s in these books weren’t around say 10 years ago in the middle 90’s well maybe they were but they didn’t appear on my radar because I’m more interested in visual and movies. So the only thing available would have been audio and it just didn’t peak my interest at the time. But now it’s easy to see you can build an fan base and you might not need the movie industry or network television to come in and rescue you.

Yeah it’s going to be a lot of work but getting a break anywhere is hard works. This way there is more pie for you and have more control over your ideas instead of someone else. Well, unless you listento your fans they might be a big influences on your work. But what’s wrong with that? That means they are listening.

Now for my professional inspiration. These books top my list. I wanted to get back in to old habits of making short films so I picked up “DV Rebels Guide”, mainly as a basic refresher. It was a great move. It brought back all my old film classes and gave me some ideas of how I needed to start back up again. The book also come with DVD that has some handy little tools in for After Effects that can help with workflow along with some fun tools.

I also like designing and creating Motion Graphics and if you are just starting out or even if you feel you are not getting all you can out of After Effects I highly recommend any books by Chris and Trish Meyers. “Creating Motion Graphics After Effects”. For Quick Tips always read the sidebars.

If you like drawing spaceship and cars you have to have these 2 books “Sculpting a Galaxy”, “Concept-Cars”

But ever since I was in grade school I’ve always been a fan of John Berkey this is a must have book if you are into concept art and spaceships. “Art John Berkey”. One of my first “MEAD” note books had several John Berkey paintings on them. I think I spent more time looking that than looking at the black board.

I recently added “Cosmic-Motors”, to my collection. Daniel Simon did a fantasitc job of making this seem like a real world. It’s like American Hot Rod for the Galexy. What makes his project so great is his mix of photos and photo-real 3D renderings.

What am I reading now? “Valis”, and “The Third Policeman” It’s all because of “LOST” The books are very good and I feel like I’m getting to know the writers who are creating that show. I want to think these stories tie into the show also inspired the writers. But I also read “Bad Twin”. Okay I’m a little into “LOST”

As I add new books I’ll post them right here. If anyone reading this has some suggestion please feel free to post a comment. I want to know what other people think.

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