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Tickle Monsters

The inspiration:
While developing LoonyTix we were in early testing when one of the developer’s kids came in to try out the game. With the screen 46 inches the characters were very large. One of the kid tried to tickle the character because he knew it was a touch screen and that sparked an idea. We could actually tickle the screen.

Develop a kids game to an android videmption gaming platform.

Originally we we were going to have 6 monsters and you can see the my concepting process here.

In the final game we opted to have 2 characters to make it a faster pace game.

I wanted to come up with Dr Seuss style UI. With a timer and tickle meter.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Spine were used to bring the game to life.

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This video shows game play in action. The more you tickle the more tickle points you get. If you’re really good you might make him explode and win the jackpot!

Our B2B marketing video to operators who would buy the game. We had to show the feature of the game and the game cabinet. I also designed and directed this video using all the art assets I created.

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