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Talk about long life!

One of the reasons I enjoyed using my Kodak Zi6 was because of the double AA batteries. But when I first picked up my Kodak Zi8 I was worried about the new battery system the Zi8 uses. Not anymore. Now I can shoot for as long as I want.  I only need these three things.

Depending on your shooting needs your battery choice will vary. Also if you click on the image it will take you to flickr where you can view the hotboxes I put around the items in the image.

Power Supply for my Zi8

This is this setup:

  1. Zi8
  2. Griffen Dual USB Car Charger
  3. Bescor 12 Battery with Cigarette lighter plug

One of the great things about the Zi8 is its new charger.  Plugs into a wall outlet but the cord goes from USB to a regular power connector.  You take that and the USB Car Charger and now you can hook it up to a 12 volt battery belt of your choosing.  How many of you have one of these 12 volt batteries just laying around?

Time to charge it up again!

Now you can shoot all day, well depending on your battery I bet you could shoot for days.  Now you’ll need to go buy more SD Cards.  The best thing, the 12 volt battery supplies enough power to keep your Zi8 fully charged for when your battery belt finally does run out of juice.

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