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Crazy Old Bag

Need some bags to haul your grip tools and film gadgets around on set but would rather spend your money renting lens or a great camera?  Check out Harbor Freight Tools for their assortment of tool bags.  These bags are perfect for your production needs and at more reasonable prices than what you might find at your production supply place.

This bag is 10 bucks! I picked up 2. They have a lot of pockets on the inside and outside for all your tools and stuff.  Maybe I’ll go to Home Depot today to pick up some Spring Clamps to fill up my other bag.  I get my C47’s at Target… some things you just can’t bend on.

If you don’t have an Harbor Freight Tools near you go here to see their selection of bags, maybe you can find one that will work for you.

I’m not Making This Up

I really mean Makeup.  You’ve guessed it these are makeup bags.  Cost me $3.99 at Target.  I know this is not a new idea and I think I remember it back from my film school days.  Recently the wife had a couple extra little bags around so I repurposed them for my adapters.

The problem I couldn’t see what I had in the bag.  So on my last visit Target I took a look around.  With wife in tow of course.  Didn’t want to be seen in cosmetics by myself….

Anyway found these little gems clear and just the right size.  The great thing is they fit into my video and audio bags easily.  I also have my adapters divided up for different uses.  Now if I don’t need some of the adapters I can leave a bag or 2 behind.