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Production Tip: Velcro Straps…

velcro_straps.jpgIt’s a simple rule when I find a cord of mine that needs a tie it gets it! No exceptions, yeah even the small USB cables. The great thing about these is they have a built in loop to keep it attached to the cable so you’ll never loose it.

This is a must have in every video makers took kit. I keep them right next to my trusty Swiss Army Knife. I always carry at least one roll of these in my book back and my camera bag. They cost around 5 to 7 dollars but having them on the roll is worth it.

You can find out more the brand here, or try to find them at Lowes. Even on their website they only list these. As you’ll notice you can buy them in a 5 pack for 3 dollars. I personally don’t care about the color codes. I just want my cable to stay wrapped. If you find them in the store buy everything they have because you’ll never see them again there. I mean why would they sell you 50 for 5 bucks when they can sell you 5 pretty colored one for 5 bucks.

Now I just wish the company that makes these would give me a widget to put on my site. So I could get a steady supply of these. Believe me you start getting to the end of the roll fast and you think what am I going to do?