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This is my pen. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I’m willing to bet like most artists you test out pen after pen till you find one you like. If you’re also like me you finally find a pen you like only to find they don’t make it any more when you go back for more…. So I ended up frankenpenning my favorite pen together.

Here’s what it is.

2 Pens

I really like these two pen barrels. They feel good in my hand and I have one that’s skinny and one that’s a little fatter. Cause sometimes you just want to hold a fatter pen.

Close up of the Pens

This in refill has a 1.0 mm point. It flows like a garden hose and the ink almost spills out if it. This makes for a very smooth sketching experience.

My stock of refills

Since this pen maker won’t stock it regular office supplies stores I’ve had to resort to finding my own refills on line. I think I better order another batch just in case. This order was 50 which = 100 refills.


I do think I better order more. The ink flows so fast out of this pen. If I spend 3 hours sketching things I can totally drain the refill.

pen caps

Check out how this brand caps their refills so they won’t dry out. I hope they continue to do this. Now they will last forever.

I’m not putting any links to my sources because I want them all to myself. So there!

New sketch tool sorta…

It is GREAT! Okay but it’s NOT new it’s so 2010! Harmony web app for sketching is a very fast and easy tool to use for scribbling down some ideas. For me it’s great for organic objects, creatures, plants and landscapes. Mechanical stuff not so much but I’m sure that’s just me. The images below were created in minutes I mean like 5 or less. You don’t need much time when using this tool. This is great for testing a concept or whipping out a ton of ideas in minutes. Shapes, silhouettes and value studies anything like that that needs more speed than thinking.

Someone pointed this site out to me a year ago and I tried it out for a little bit and I put it aside but not now. I’m sketching a lot more lately so this is a good tool to have around.

So I’m going to start leaving a tab open for this and when I’m rendering or thinking about tweeting maybe I’ll just do a sketch instead.

Thanks Mr.Doob (on Twitter) for creating such a quick and fun tool to sketch with.

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