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Here’s some sample storyboards I’ve made for various projects I’ve done. As you can see a storyboard can take on many formats. Really it just has to be a blue print to help you tell the story. Sometimes they start off as little thumbnails I do on a piece of notebook paper.

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EastGate Shopping Center
This format of storyboard you would find at most TV stations. It was perfect for client presentations and could easily faxed.

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University Mall- Carbondale
This is a more complicated storyboard. Colorful drawings and matte cover for a clean presentation. The client liked the concept but ended up going with another different idea. Watch it here. It’s the top video.

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Logo and Show Opens
These are various ideas for logo and shows opens for as you can see some tell a story and others are clutter with notes. That one was for me. I had to build the graphic.

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CG Toon Storyboard
This was for a project for Wilton Industries. This would later be CG animated which you can see here.

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Thumbnail Storyboards
This one just started off on a legal table. When I’m doing quick sketches and I want to quickly look over the whole idea to me this is the best way to go. You can pretty much see it all in one swoop. The great thing is you can scan these and scale them up to make more refined boards if you want. I’ve even had good luck with scanning these in and making animatics.

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