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I’ve been reading a lot of Seth Godin lately. Do what he says click on his head and subscribe! I wish back in college or somewhere I would have heard about people like him. He’s changed the way I look at the world around me. He’s a marketing guy but I think he’s a genius and inspirational.

Just read this about that moment when you know you have a chance to do something great. What do you do?

What he’s changed, is the way I look at my projects I work on and create. Check out some of his books, “Purple Cow“, “The Dip” and “Small is the New Big“. That just some of them. Oh yeah if you are a web designer, read this book “Big Red Fez“. You’ll be scared to death your website will be lurking in the pages… I was! I still have changes to make!


I’m getting ready to read “Mind your X’s and Y’s” by Lisa Johnson. If you think you know something about marketing towards women, then don’t read it. I’m telling you, you will learn something. Also check out her podcast or on iTunes.


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