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Golden Tee

Golden Tee marquee design is a yearly branding project for new versions of the game. Printed on backlit film and mounted above the monitor of the game system. The objective was an updated sports look by making the name into an icon or emblem.

WATCH the animated Attract Mode videos.

Redesigned Control Panel for 20,000 units out in the field. Created new color scheme, simplified graphics and new color coding feature to help make it more approachable. Incorporated QR Code to direct players’ mobile devices to marketing landing pages.

In-game and golf course logo designs.

Used Game Designer’s course descriptions and reference images of locations to create a preview of what to expect on the course.

After concept sketches are completed, Illustrator is used to create clean vector paths which are imported into a 3D application. Layered renders are created in 3D Studio Max to create separations for final editing in Photoshop.