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Golden Tee

For 3 years in a row I’ve designed the new marquee look for Golden Tee.  We wanted to go with a more updated sports look, by making the name into more of a icon or emblem.  I also think how would this look on my cars grill!

Each year I’ve been pushing a bit further and refining the line more an more while still keeping the grid iron feel.

You can see the Attract Mode videos in action by clicking here.

I also had the opportunity to re imagine the control panel for Golden Tee.  We added a new new feature an a QR Code along with simplifying some of the instructions by taking them down to their base elements.  I implemented a color code in the design with the number positions are in green and the letter positions are in yellow.

Players who have been playing it for years might not notice the difference but one of our goals was to make it more approachable.  Making some of the elements do some organizational work can help that approach ability.

Logos, course logos to be precise! I really enjoy telling a story with someone’s logo. In this case I’m trying to give you a little bit of a glimpse into one of the golf course you’ll be playing. I use the course designers write about about each course. He describes the location, the feeling, look and texture of the environment. At that point he’s already pulled a ton of reference that inspires him to design the course. I take that and pull even more to get an even deeper understanding of the flavor of the location.

Then I set out on concept design, vector line layout to boil down the concept sketches to their core graphic elements. The I start building in 3D Studio Max and render out many layers to bring it all together in Photoshop.

See the doodles!

See the doodles!

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