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Concept and Design

I do a lot of doodling, spaceships, cars, cabinets, logos…

I also help work out ideas new cabinet designs for casino gaming and coin-op amusement games. Working with engineers my concept helped visualize new real-world machines.

Early concepts for Golden Tee cabinet redesign including monitor stand dressing.

Monitor Stand

We had heard a rummer that out in the field some bars were putting tables between the monitor and the console. I wanted to see what it might look like if we designed a table into it and made the game a bigger social hub.

After some feedback from the field on our first version of our videmption game cabinet I was working on concepts for for a larger, more flexible design. One that would be used for various future games. It could have a console or use a touch screen tv. The monitor could rotate to be horizontal or vertical. Graphics could easily be wrapped around the cabinet for a whole new look.

Sometimes even when I hear someone talking about an idea images pop in my head of how it might look. These were some sketches for portable version of one of your gaming systems. The one on the left was a laptop version the a giant built in monitor. The one on the right was a console with retractable legs.

Doodling logos is always enjoyable and finding new ways to use type and wrap it around an idea, well it’s just a good exercise in brainstorming.  There is always a story to tell and it can be an interesting journey to watch an idea take shape.


Sometimes my lunch doodles make it to Instagram and Flickr.  I take a lot of photos on vacation which always makes for challenging drawings.  If you’re having lunch with me I expect you to bring a sketch book!

Sketch Lunch Doodles