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Panic Button

Look I made a USB Stick! Big Deal right? Well let me explain. I’ve been thinking about this device for a while and while it might look like a simple USB stick it’s not. It’s really a panic switch.

I think about this panic switch every time I hear about something bad happening to a child or a woman. This panic switch is on my mind a lot because of the 8 year old that was murdered while he was walking home by himself for the first time.  My heart goes out to the family.

The idea here is this is a call for help. Sure you can give your kids a cell phone but I’m not sure they will always be able to use it plus it might be pretty obvious to anyone doing some harm to someone they are making a call for help.  Think of it as that secret button the banker pushes when the bad bank robbers burst in.

This looks like a harmless USB stick. But once the switch is pulled this device would call all the programmed phone numbers, start broadcasting it’s location, sniffing for wifi, and listen in on it’s surroundings.


  • Built in Mic
  • GPS
  • WiFi Sniffer
  • Auto-dialer
  • Average looking USB Stick

The Cradle:
The Panic Switch is married to the Cradle via Bluetooth and only that device can reprogram or disable it.  It’s not really a USB stick and can’t be connected to anything other than that cradle.

It’s a panic switch that you don’t even have to think about it’s just one action and you’ve let the world know you are in trouble.  I’ve thought about this device for a long time and the idea of how cool it could look, or what the shape would be.  The more I thought about it it the more I realized it shouldn’t be something that stands out.  It shouldn’t give itself away as a safety device or a panic switch.  If the bad guy knows you have it they might take it away from you.  I wish cell phone companies would offer a device like this to parents at a low price point of about 59 bucks.  Seems like something that could be done.  What do you think?

I’ve been contacted by several people that are looking for such a device. Simon is currently working on a similar product you can find out more about his idea at Pretty Panic. It’s a great idea, help support it.

The story of my life…

But after I thought about it, these are good words to live by. I hear all the time you shouldn’t try to do something you should just do it. But sometimes you don’t know if you want to do it if you don’t try… But the truth is even if you are trying, you are doing more than the person who isn’t trying anything.

Maybe they should put fortunes under these lids?


I’ve had my VHS VCR for well about 15 years.  Wait really?  It was great at the time and is still a very nice machine.  But I know I won’t ever use VHS anymore.  Well maybe one more time if I really have too.  I want to make room for something new. 

But I can’t take it out of my system.  It’s the only thing that has a clock on it!

How will I know what time it is, if it’s not there?  Oh wait where’s my cell phone…

a 9/11 memorial

I remember stories of how the police and families were watching cars at train stations and airports to see if people that hadn’t been accounted for would return.

All I could think about was how many people across this country maybe even the world, wouldn’t be returning to their cars that day. 


I wanted to paint all the parking spots where people had never came back, a color. 

It could be any color, maybe that persons favorite color.

Not that anyone would ever forget that day but I wanted people to think that could have been their parking spot.   And how lucky we are we get another day to find a better spot in life.

Sean McMenemy


I like Face Book, I like it more than MySpace, but I have some problems with it. There are at least 2 road blocks to adding people to my network. First the bland impersonal page of the invite and second the sign up.

By the very name of it “FACE BOOK” someone should be able to see my face right off the bat.

I’m worried when I invite people to it and they don’t see my friendly or not so friendly face there they turn away and think it’s some sort of scam. I don’t even hear back from some of these people… Then the fact that my profile can’t be indexed in a search engine really bothers me. What’s the point of building this and not everyone can see it?

I’d like to think of Face Book as my Rolodex or business card. Maybe I could pick the info I want public on my main profile and if you want more you have to become a member.

You have to give people something to want to join and if they can’t get at least and idea of what you can use this for, they won’t come back.

If you do become a Face Book user look me up SEANFX.