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Sign My Petition to ban the Wilhelm scream

The JOKE is over Hollywood. I’m tired of hearing the Wilhelm scream

It’s just not funny anymore.
Because it’s ubiquitous now.
It’s no longer an inside joke.
It’s jarring

In dramatic action packed scenes I start to cringe in anticipation for the Wilhelm Scream. Sometimes it catches me by surprise and totally screws me up and pops me out of my suspension of disbelief.

If you haven’t heard it before here it is…

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If you’re tired of it too leave a comment if not PLEASE explain yourself!

Should films be on Twitter?

What do you think?

Okay I know everyone and their dog is on Twitter now. But Films? Come on I realize you’re promoting your movie but even as a movie buff and someone one who has made short films. I don’t think movies, books or music should be following people on twitter. I might be a fan of something but I’m more interested in the Director, The Crew or the Actors.

Me: When’s you’re movie coming out?
MOVIE: Tomorrow! Go see it!

The next day…
Me: @MOVIE what was it like making yourself?

Maybe I’m not being creative enough but can I really have a good Twitter conversation with a movie? We should be only followed by people and pets. Am I wrong? What do you think?