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About Me

I’m a motion graphics artist, 3D artist and filmmaker in the Chicagoland area. I’m working on creating some podcasts and video related media. You can view my work at SEANFX

I’m not sure what I’m going to be talking about but I’m sure most of it will be media related.

You can watch film my Filmcast on iTunes.

Short Version
I love to draw, paint, make visual effects, motion graphics, make movies and watch TV.

Long version
Okay here it goes… Something about me… Sean McMenemy

I’ve been making art and films ever since I was a kid. Not all of it good but it’s always a learning experience. Like most nerds my age, my life changed the day I saw Star Wars! That would have made me about 10. Up to that point I wanted to be an Astronaut. Then I realized I could create worlds without going to space and well, really without doing any math. I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. Any fellow Missourians want to drop me a line that would be great! Miss that town…

After going to film school at SIU-C, which has a great film program! They really give you the opportunity to get into the whole process of making films from writing to directing and everything in-between. Aspiring filmmakers should at least check it out! After film school I worked at an ABC affiliate as a producer/director. Talk about gorilla filmmaking, most of the time commercials I had to produce needed to be on the air within a day or 2 from the time the client signed up for air time. I had to do everything from writing, shooting, lighting, directing to editing. It was a great exercise for figuring out what mattered in shot or in the final product.

Some how during this time I got mixed up in the video gaming industry. Keep in mind at the time the best place to play video games was still in an arcade. Then a guy called me up that just happened to make one of the video games that I had been pumping a ton of my tuition money into in-between classes. He offered me a job as a game artist. I never knew there was such a thing. Back then you had about 32 colors 32 pixels tall to make a character. The industry has evolved since then. Good thing!

Back to business, I’ve been creating graphics professionally since 1988 for multimedia company in KC. Then I was creating graphics on slides for 12 projector slide shows. Most of you reading this might not even know what a slide is, but take my word for it at the time this was high tech and one of the best learning experiences I could have ask for just starting out.

So I’ve worked with Super8 all the way up to 35mm film. But I’m really happy that digital has come along it makes life faster and I work with everything on my laptop. I’ve worked on videos, films and video games and Arctic Thunder for XBOX, Golden Tee Golf and a ton of games that never went anywhere. That’s life in the creative field but it’s also a good thing you get to move on to new and more creative ventures!

While working in the video game industry I also had a freelance motion graphics and visual effects studio called SEANFX (original, right?) I just wanted to make my name easy to find and easy to remember. It was always fun mixing up the gaming work with video projects mainly because they are so different it really keeps you on your toes. Especially for a person like me, I guess I consider myself a generalist, with skills in shooting, editing, 3D modeling, graphic design and as my bother could tell you if I can’t afford it, I would just building it. I still do that. So I’m a bit of an industrial designer and engineer you can thank Star Wars for that too. All the gadgets and space ships can really inspire a person.

I put the freelance on hold to focus on a few other things like family, work and my own creative projects. In case you missed it you can see my latest film by clicking here. Really you shouldn’t have missed that link it’s all over my website. Hope you like. Please leave a comment on some of the other sites that is hosting, if you have time.

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